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Usine Pipe / 10, Rue Ruysdael. Bruxelles

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Original size:
88 x 118 cm

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Manufacturer No
number_of_the_poster 11
width_original 88
height_original 118
status N/A
number_of_issues 1
location null
canvas 1
frame 1
total_sales N/A
market_value N/A
remarks N/A
storytelling The Compagnie belge de Construction d'automobiles "Usines Pipe" has been established in february 1898 in Brussels and became rapidly a major actor of automobile growth in Belgium, mainly in Brussels. She equipped renown companies such as retailer Delhaize Frères et Cie Le Lion. The lady in the foreground wears a vaporous dress, hat and gloves. The palet is limited to yellow, orange, gray, green and blue worked in a quite dark atmosphere. Drawing is here inexistant, form is given by the game of limited colored spots giving a impression of sophisticated elegance. This is an outstanding example of lights and colors mastery.
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