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Spa Monopole / L’eau qui pétille.

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storytelling Drawn by Jean d'Ylen, the Pierrot of Spa has stood the test of times. A design that has been reprinted over the years and which is still used as the brand image, it is a part of our advertising tradition. Wearing bright red clothes billowing out with the movement, Pierrot is leaping over a bottle that has been transformed into a fountain. Highlighted by the dark background, the picture expresses all the qualities of Spa water : health, vitality and joy in Pierrot's jump, the natural purity of a spring in the water spurting out of the bottle. The message is perfectly clear, helped by the plain letters of a name which is so easy to remember! Various Spa waters have been known since Ancient Times both for drinking and taking. From 1550s, Spa waters were exported in all Europe in dark bottles carefully corked to prevent the process of precipitation. In 1921, they became a limited company under the name Spa Monopole.
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