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  • La Revue Blanche bi-mensuelle le n° 60 centimes, 12 francs par an, Rue Laffitte Paris. Charpentier et Fasquelle éditeurs rue de Grenelle. Toulouse Lautrec

La Revue Blanche / Bi-mensuelle Paris

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storytelling When Toulouse-Lautrec chose to advertise the art and literary magazine "La Revue Blanche" by using a portrait of Misia Natanson, wife of coeditor Thadée Natason, it was because the brainy, redheaded beauty was the real mover behind the throne. Her house was the mecca of the literati, and it was she who coaxed some of the major celebrities of the day-Catulle Mendes, Paul Valery, Leon Blum, Octave Mirbeau, Claude Débussy, André Gide, Colette and Toulouse Lautrec himself-to contribute to the publication's success. It's this remarque on the lower-left side that makes it clear that Misia was being shown skating. In her biography of the artist, Frey writes that " many people feel (this poster) is 'Toulouse Lautrec's) strongest individual work... The strength of this work comes in large part from the fact that, as in many of Henry's posters, the figure is cut off by the lower edge just below the knees... The entire poster is like a little joke, as if Henry were amusing himself by proving that he could show an ice skater without ever showing her skates"

J. Rennert, Poster celebration, The 50th Auction, Poster Auctions international, Inc.
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