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FN / Léon Houard

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Original size:
80 x 119 cm

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Additional Information

Manufacturer No
frame 1
number_of_the_poster 578
width_original 80
height_original 119
status N/A
number_of_issues 1
location null
canvas N/A
total_sales N/A
market_value N/A
remarks N/A
storytelling N/A
purchase_transaction null
price_in N/A
currency_in null
date_in N/A
restoration N/A
insurance_value N/A
copyrights N/A
literature N/A
multimedia N/A
other_issues N/A
producer N/A
contract N/A
condition_in/out N/A
reservation_date_in N/A
reservation_date_out N/A
contact N/A
sale_transaction null
price_out N/A
currency_out eur
date_out N/A
more_info N/A

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