Spa is a brand of mineral water from Spa, Belgium, and is owned by the Spadel Group. Spa mineral water has been bottled since the end of the 16th century and is very common in Western Europe and especially in the Benelux countries and Germany but is also exported to other parts of the world. Spa became a city renown for its sources of ferruginous waters. In this category, you will find posters about Spa (the city) and discover the posters of the famous "Pierrot" (Spa's mascot). Pierrot was created in 1923 by artist Jean D'Ylen. It was used in 1924 to launch the advertising campaign products Spa Monopole. The company of Spa was at that time in full expansion. The Pierrot of Spa has stood the test of times. A design that has been reprinted over the years and which is still used as the brand image, it is a part of our advertising tradition.