L'Innovation - Bruxelles

"Grands Magasins à l'Innovation" is a Belgian chain of department stores. L'innovation shops were the expression, of a new concept in trade based on mass-merchandising at moderate prices and a wide range of goods which were constantly being renewed. In 1897, the three Meyer brothers and Julien Bernheim from Mulhouse acquired two neighbouring shops, in the rue Neuve and opened the Bernheim-Meyer establishment in October of that year, in the Innovation, a stone’s throw from the Bon Marché. Eighty-five people were employed. They were an immediate success and two years later the company opened a number of branches in Liège, Verviers, Gent and Brussels (chaussée d’Ixelles). Today, Galeria INNO is owned by Galeria Kaufhof belonging to the Metro Group. It has 15 stores in Belgium.